Love Letters Pop-Up Art Exhibit – Salt Lake City

Love Letters Museum Salt Lake City

Did you catch the Love Letters pop-up art exhibit is Salt Lake City this summer?

Designed around the power of art and letters, the exhibit was created by the folks who brought us 2018’s Hall of Breakfast. Love Letters is equally vibrant, engaging, and joy-evoking, from the fun Alice in Wonderland book slide to a word magnet wall and confetti pit.

Love Letters Museum Salt Lake City

What’s Your Story?

The Love Letters Museum is a colorful and interactive art exhibit that poses the question, “How do letters, words, and art help us understand and tell our story?”

“This exhibit is our ‘Love Letter’ to the world,” the website states. “It is our attempt to use what we know best (letters, words, and art) to encourage each of our visitors to find and tell their own story. And to find the art in other’s stories.”

Love Letters Museum Salt Lake CityWord Nerd

Visitors are encouraged to pose in front of massive books and explore mini art shows, slide down one of the most whimsical stories of all time, and move huge letter blocks around to create expressive words. The possibilities are endless. Continue on to the interactive room, where supplies are ready and waiting for visitors to create one-of-a-kind hand-stamped messages and unique buttons and pins.


Love Letters Museum Salt Lake City

Write On

There’s more than one way to put your words into the world. While we are all engrossed in technology on a daily basis, Love Letters reminds us that messages can be conveyed in so many ways. A wall of magnetic words, the opportunity to write and send hand-written postcards, and type messages on classic typewriters are exciting ways to express ourselves.Love Letters Museum Salt Lake CityThe exhibit is an empowering reminder that our words are meaningful and powerful, and when mixed with art and each other, they create the most beautiful stories.



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